CaptainZOO - en-us Zombies vs Penguins 2 Penguins are on a mission to destroy ancient Mayan Zombies and stop the Armageddon. You are armed with an awesome laser gun. Most zombies can be killed with that gun, but there others which can be destroyed only with explosives or sharp objects. Sometimes you will have to ricochet bullets off walls and objects. Head shots gain you higher score. Make sure you don't ricochet bullets back and kill yourself. Whenever possible hide behind objects to prevent that. Try to earn three stars on all 30 levels to unlock the zombie mode. This is a physics based game so use all your knowledge to clear each level with minimum shots. Safari Zebra In the wast planes of Africa one Zebra is going on an amazing journey. Safari Zebra will embark on an adventure across the African planes and will have to solve all kinds of puzzles on its way. Help this Zebra using sticks and stones, bombs and wooden crates to remove threats like holes in the ground, acid clouds or floating bombs in the river. Click on different items until you clear the way for Zebra to cross. Start different mechanics and find out the right timing for things to happen. Deactivate traps and have fun on this African Safari with our Zebra friend. This is a point and click puzzle game for all those skilled enough to try it. 24 levels of ultimate fun and adventure. Cheese Barn Little gray barn mouse is hungry. Help feed him with some nice golden cheese. But there are some obstacles between him and the food. Mouse traps, crates and jars are scattered all over the barn. Make way for our friend to safely pass across. Move wooden crates, close down traps and smash jars to help him get to the food. This is a physics based puzzle game and you have to follow all the laws of physics or you'll never make it. There are 9 challenging levels, but there will be helping hand on each of them in form of an old TV which will show you what can you do with each object. This Cheese Barn is an awesome place for this little hungry mouse. Where Are My Bunnies Bunnies have escaped from the farmer and he must get them back. Bunnies are scared and alone and you must catch them in little cages and bring them back home. But not everything is so simple. You have to make them run into those cages, collect all gold stars on their way and avoid enemies and all kinds of obstacles on their way. You have wolf scare crows you can use to scare the bunnies into running, you have springs to set in front of them to jump over obstacles, crates to fill in the gaps and food to lure them. Use all these things wisely and catch every last rabbit. there are 30 levels of this great puzzle solving game called Where Are My Bunnies? No walktrough is necessary because the game is not too hard to play. Cowaboom Cows against Bulls... can you clear the bulsseyes? You have several cows which start running at your mark and then launch in the attempt to knock all bulls from the bullseye. You will see the dotted line of the cows jump so you can coordinate the next one accordingly. Perhaps a little sooner jump will do the job, or a later one. Earn cowbells at the end of each level. 14 fun levels, one bonus level and two more for you to play. Cowaboom is the only thing you hear when the mark is hit! Gloomy Cat Gloomy badass Cat runs bravely into the unknown armed only with a sword. Run, jump and slash everything before you to gain coins and unlock new skills. Destroy barrels but jump over stones cause they can't be slashed by sword. Jump and double jump over cliffs and gaps see how far can you get. If you run into a rock or a crate the cat will disintegrate and you start over. You have one life at the beginning, but you can earn all 9 if you are good enough. Don't drop the puppy This scientist is completely mad! He came up with a plan to use a whole basket of cute little puppies for his dumb gravity experiment. Why does he need puppies to calculate the speed of falling object? He could have used anything else for such project. The objective of the game is to get puppy bounce off your trampoline after the mad scientist throws it off from the air balloon. The more bounces the better. You can directly bounce off puppy into the safe zone or use space to heal it or set it free from the trap. Sushi Cat 2 Sushi Cat is on a searching quest again. This time she's following a trail of her toy stolen by a bacon eating dog in a Tokyo shopping center. Your task is to help this little persistent cat in her pursuit as she eats more and more sushi and grows bigger and bigger. Collecting golden sushi will earn you points necessary to unlock new outfits. This pachinko-like game has excellent gameplay, great music and solid SoundFX. The final scene is very touchy when a cat decides to give toy back to the dog after all effort she put to find it. You may also find interesting watching amazing video clips in between the stages and dressing up the sushi cat to make her look cute is brilliant idea. We all hope to see Sushi Cat 3 very soon as this sequel took best critics between all cat games this year. Kamikaze Pigs Pigs are at war! One fraction is fighting the other and things are heating up and starting to sizzle. Cause a chain reaction to destroy the ground units of enemy troops. You must reach the red progress flag to complete the level. There are 40 levels and they offer various backgrounds and day and night battles as well. For each level you complete you get cash. Cash can be then used to buy upgrades which help you make even greater havoc. There are some very challenging achievements you should try to win. If you manage to fill the charge meter you get one more chance to start yet another chain reaction and destroy even more enemy units. You can also collect stars either by colliding with them or through the kill progress meter. Stars help unlock new upgrades. Squidy 2 Little Squid is traveling to his grandma's for his birthday. But it is very hard to travel by land when you are a Squid. But our friend had found a way. He is using sticks of dynamite to propel himself from one point to the next and travel great distances that way. Use your mouse to click on Squidy and drag and shoot him to the next point. This is a physics based game so follow the dotted line which indicates the direction your squid will travel. Collect the golden stars on your way to the exit. There are many Worlds and each of them contains 10 levels each. Help Squidy 2 get to his birthday party his grandma is throwing for him. And you better not be late! Animal Wars After the human race wiped itself out of the face of the earth, animals mutated from the remaining radiation and started their own war for territories. Four species lead the way in this war, Thug Slugs, Rammer Rams, Angry Ants and Gargantuan Gorillas. You choose on who's side you want to fight and chose the enemy city and its residents to fight against. There are 3 players on each side and you throw stuff at each other taking turns. This game very much resembles the game of Worms. You pick up some of the items you find around you by clicking on it and then without letting the click go you aim and throw it at the enemy. With arrow keys you move your player up and down the rock but make sure you don't fall into the surrounding water. If you do, the game is over for that player. You win when you destroy all enemy players. The victory depends on your precision. If you make a direct hit, you take maximum life points from that enemy. But, if it is a secondary hit you get less. Secondary hit means that your projectile hits somewhere else first and than bounces back to hit the enemy. Magic Safari Monkey is on a safari trip around jungle. Help him get to wherever he wants by completing the set of tasks laid before you. There are several ways to do that. In the upper part of the screen you will see four commands Destroy, Gravity, Shape and Magic. You use these, combine them in just the right way and fill in the missing pieces of the road, create bridges, make elevators for our monkey friend to enjoy his trip. This logic building game is very good and helps develop logical thinking and creativity. You do everything in this game with your mouse. Click on the command you want to use and then click on the piece you want use it on. Sometimes there will be several solutions for one problem but sometimes there will be only one and you have to find it. At first the problems are simple but later on they become more elaborate. Cat Around Asia After many different travels our feline friend came to Asia. Cat around Asia is a physics puzzle game where you have to solve all kind of puzzles so you could feed this hungry cat. And the food is exactly why this cat came to this part of the world. You solve all problems using your mouse. Sometimes you will move something to clear the way and sometimes you will even blow things up for the same reason. The most important thing is to find the way to roll the food down to the cat, or up to the cat, depending on the level. Your travels begin in Turkey and move around Asia and finish in Malaysia. Each of six main levels has five sub levels so you have 30 problems in total to solve. While you contemplate on how to get the food to he cat you should think on how to pick up all three gold stars. But take your time because you can always go back and solve the puzzle again. This hungry cat will be forever thankful for all those delicious foods you provide. Horsey Racing Saddler, Rosy and Sparky are cute ponies ready for some horsey racing. First you choose your favorite and you race with him or her against other two. When the race starts you should not only try to win the race but collect all the apples you see to gain more energy and more points. There is a special kind of apples which brings you double points and double energy. Those are gold apples, get those and your win is almost guaranteed. You control your horse with a mouse, move it from one side of the screen to the other, but the best is to keep your racer in the middle of the screen or more to the left so you can see the incoming obstacles on time and have enough time to click the mouse and jump over it. There are also other powers and power-ups you can collect and use them to win the race. Dino's Dream A long long time ago there was a little dinosaur and he lived happily with his mother. But one night little Dino had a dream he was lost. He desperately searched for his mother but couldn't find her. Help little Dino overcome all obstacles and get him back to his mom. You use arrow keys to move him left and right and up arrow key to jump. There are many weird creatures and plants and they are not your friends. Jump over them or jump on their heads to destroy them. Collect hearts to get more points. You have 5 lives so use them well. Make Dino's dream come true and reunite him with his Dino mother.