Puppy Games

Happy Puppy
  • Currently 3/5
3222 plays

Make this happy puppy even happier if that is possible. This is a dress up game where you prepare th...
Puppy Academy
  • Currently 2/5
2614 plays

You volontier at the puppy shelter and new puppies are coming in every day. Each dogie has its favor...
Puppy Perfect Makeover
  • Currently 3/5
2046 plays

Here is one ball of fur waiting for you to give it a puppy perfect makeover and discover a cute litt...
Puppy Maker
  • Currently 3/5
4390 plays

You have always wanted a puppy dog for a pet, or you already have one, no matter what the case is no...
Don't drop the puppy
  • Currently 2/5
3177 plays

This scientist is completely mad! He came up with a plan to use a whole basket of cute little puppie...

Aren't puppies the cutest things ever?! There is nobody in this world who couldn't be charmed by their little noses and cute wagging tails. Puppy games are here for that reason only, to bring all that cuteness to you. You can choose different games to play, you can dress one puppy up or do a complete makeover of one dirty little dog. There are also games like Puppy Maker where you can choose and make your own doggy. If you still do not own one, then this is the perfect place for you to be and play with these cute little dogs. CaptainZOO will have even more games as the time passes by, so don't forget to check us out from time to time and get a chance to play even more cute, adorable, fun puppy games here with us!