Horse Games

Horsey Racing
  • Currently 3/5
2520 plays

Saddler, Rosy and Sparky are cute ponies ready for some horsey racing. First you choose your favorit...
Snowy Pony
  • Currently 3/5
3580 plays

Snowy pony is out in the snow enjoying the falling snow. Catch snowflakes and keep the snowflake met...
Pony Land
  • Currently 3/5
3437 plays

Welcome to pony land where all the ponies are happy and free to have all the fun they want. Would yo...
Pony Run
  • Currently 3/5
3533 plays

You have an obstacle course you have to run through with one of the horses you choose. You can do it...
Fantasy Pony Dressup
  • Currently 3/5
2419 plays

How do you imagine the most beautiful pony in the world? Here you can create one to fit all your wis...
Ride A Horse
  • Currently 3/5
1956 plays

Ride a horse on a track with obstacles in a jumper competition game. This is a kind of a first perso...
Roundem Up
  • Currently 3/5
2001 plays

Someone left the barn's door open so that all the pigs had gotten away. You are in role of a cowboy,...
Jockey Star
  • Currently 3/5
3094 plays

Jockey star is a horse riding and racing game. You are in a role of a jockey. It's not enough to be ...
Feed The Horses
  • Currently 3/5
2102 plays

Horse feeding can be a very complicated task, particularly if you're the only grower around in the s...

Horses have been our companions throughout the history. In the old days they were used for farming, transport and as war horses. Today in some parts of the world they are still used as farm animals but many people keep them as pets and just for fun and then there are others who grow businesses in horse racing. Anyway, horses are mostly very tame, intelligent and playful creatures and they respond to people well. They say that once you have met a horse the love for them lasts a lifetime. For those horse loving people, and those who just like them, we have collected a number of horse games you can play here with us at and spend some time with your favorite animal. You can participate in races, you can do cross country by yourself or you can enjoy grooming your beautiful, noble companions. Whatever you decide to do and whichever game you decide to play we guarantee loads of fun. Try out games like snowy pony, pony run or fantasy pony game!