Puppy Maker
You have always wanted a puppy dog for a pet, or you already have one, no matter what the case is now is your chance to make a perfect pet with this puppy maker. You can choose everything, from the shape of the ears, length of the fur, color of the eyes. Let your imagination run wild and combine your perfect pet.

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Added on: Oct 18, 2012
Category: DOG

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Puppy Maker Game Review


Puppy Maker, at first sight, looks like a dressup game. There are tools on both sides of the puppy image which is clearly shown in the center of the screen, and that is very common for dressups. Static image and tools. But it's not. Your task is to modify the original and default image, and turn the puppy into your own creation, a dog that you want just for yourself. You can change the puppy's head, hair style and color, ears, cheeks, nose , legs, tail and eyes, almost anything you want. At the end, when you finish it up, hit Show button to see your final creation which you might also print if you like. If you liked this one you might also like Puppy Makeover

The Tools

The toolbar is placed on the left hand side of the image. Each tool triggers sub tools that will show up on the right hand part of the image. For instance:
  • Shape tool can change ears, cheeks, nose, legs, tail, eyes and head.
  • Shade tool can add some color, shades or skin patterns to the previous dog elements.
  • Brush tool can turn your pet into an alien if you're not careful. But let your mind go and give it a try.
  • Signs tools can add all kinds of marks, such as a star, a heart and all kinds of symbols.
  • Star tool can be used to add wings, angel halo, scars, leg stripes or a bow-tie.
  • You can change the background with a Background tool and add some mountains,clouds or the dog's food from the kitchen.

Your artwork

Look below what have we made. That is our puppy. Can you do better? Crete your own virtual puppy and send us to our email or place a Facebook comment below. We will be happy to publish it on our site.