Where Are My Bunnies
Bunnies have escaped from the farmer and he must get them back. Bunnies are scared and alone and you must catch them in little cages and bring them back home. But not everything is so simple. You have to make them run into those cages, collect all gold stars on their way and avoid enemies and all kinds of obstacles on their way. You have wolf scare crows you can use to scare the bunnies into running, you have springs to set in front of them to jump over obstacles, crates to fill in the gaps and food to lure them. Use all these things wisely and catch every last rabbit. there are 30 levels of this great puzzle solving game called Where Are My Bunnies? No walktrough is necessary because the game is not too hard to play.

Rating: (Avg: 2.9 of 45 votes)
Game Plays: 2582
Added on: Aug 27, 2013
Category: ANIMAL

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