Kamikaze Pigs
Pigs are at war! One fraction is fighting the other and things are heating up and starting to sizzle. Cause a chain reaction to destroy the ground units of enemy troops. You must reach the red progress flag to complete the level. There are 40 levels and they offer various backgrounds and day and night battles as well. For each level you complete you get cash. Cash can be then used to buy upgrades which help you make even greater havoc. There are some very challenging achievements you should try to win. If you manage to fill the charge meter you get one more chance to start yet another chain reaction and destroy even more enemy units. You can also collect stars either by colliding with them or through the kill progress meter. Stars help unlock new upgrades.

Rating: (Avg: 3 of 10 votes)
Game Plays: 2385
Added on: Aug 14, 2013
Category: ANIMAL

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