Magic Safari
Monkey is on a safari trip around jungle. Help him get to wherever he wants by completing the set of tasks laid before you. There are several ways to do that. In the upper part of the screen you will see four commands Destroy, Gravity, Shape and Magic. You use these, combine them in just the right way and fill in the missing pieces of the road, create bridges, make elevators for our monkey friend to enjoy his trip. This logic building game is very good and helps develop logical thinking and creativity. You do everything in this game with your mouse. Click on the command you want to use and then click on the piece you want use it on. Sometimes there will be several solutions for one problem but sometimes there will be only one and you have to find it. At first the problems are simple but later on they become more elaborate.

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Added on: Aug 08, 2013
Category: MONKEY

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Magic Safari


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