Cat Around Asia
After many different travels our feline friend came to Asia. Cat around Asia is a physics puzzle game where you have to solve all kind of puzzles so you could feed this hungry cat. And the food is exactly why this cat came to this part of the world. You solve all problems using your mouse. Sometimes you will move something to clear the way and sometimes you will even blow things up for the same reason. The most important thing is to find the way to roll the food down to the cat, or up to the cat, depending on the level. Your travels begin in Turkey and move around Asia and finish in Malaysia. Each of six main levels has five sub levels so you have 30 problems in total to solve. While you contemplate on how to get the food to he cat you should think on how to pick up all three gold stars. But take your time because you can always go back and solve the puzzle again. This hungry cat will be forever thankful for all those delicious foods you provide.

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Game Plays: 2600
Added on: Aug 08, 2013
Category: CAT

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