Horsey Racing
Saddler, Rosy and Sparky are cute ponies ready for some horsey racing. First you choose your favorite and you race with him or her against other two. When the race starts you should not only try to win the race but collect all the apples you see to gain more energy and more points. There is a special kind of apples which brings you double points and double energy. Those are gold apples, get those and your win is almost guaranteed. You control your horse with a mouse, move it from one side of the screen to the other, but the best is to keep your racer in the middle of the screen or more to the left so you can see the incoming obstacles on time and have enough time to click the mouse and jump over it. There are also other powers and power-ups you can collect and use them to win the race.

Rating: (Avg: 3 of 10 votes)
Game Plays: 2520
Added on: Jul 31, 2013
Category: HORSE
Tags: PONY

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