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Description: UFO like cows is a skill game where you navigate the flying saucer in a search for cows. Your task is to collect all the cows from the ground by using magnetic ray. Beware of bricks and stones which if picked up can permanently damage the ship. Created and published by Tags: skill, aliens, animals

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Description: Crazy Monkey Payback is a monkey skill game. Your should throw banana peels at humans to hits them in a limited time. Humans will be showing up on windows. There's a horizontal and vertical lines moving lineary. By pressing space-bar you stop the moving lines and throw banana at the intersection point. Tags: monkey, banana, skill

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Description: Fluffies POP POP POP is a balloon popping game. You're guiding a small bunny equipped with a bow and a whole bunch of suction cup darts. Created and published by Enjoy the outdoors shootout and watch out from the balloons. Tags: bunny, darts, shooting, balloons

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Kitty Up

Description: Collect the balloons as much as you can to fly higher. And avoid the bombs because they'll blow up your ballons. You can click-drag and throw the bombs to each other. Created and published by Pick coin and cake to collect money for upgrading Tags: action, adventure, arcade, kitty, cat, balloons, skill

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Manki Danki

Description: Monkey shooting bananas game. Use arrow keys to select monkey and move him up and down. Left mouse click is to shoot bombs. You must shoot all bananas down to advance to the next level. Tags: monkey,skill,shooting,banana

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