Dog Games

Don't drop the puppy
  • Currently 2/5
3177 plays

This scientist is completely mad! He came up with a plan to use a whole basket of cute little puppie...
SheepDog's Day
  • Currently 3/5
2659 plays

Help the sheep dog heard the sheep and bring them all to the pen. Your goal is to take all of the sh...
My Pet Care
  • Currently 3/5
3007 plays

Little girl is taking dogs for a Morning Walk. She starts with two dogs but takes other dogs along t...
Spunky vs Aliens
  • Currently 3/5
2985 plays

A brave dog named Spunky is fighting against aliens who invaded the earth. He will do anything to pr...
Destructo Dog 2
  • Currently 3/5
1870 plays

Evil cats are taking over the town. Our hero Destructo Dog 2 is needed once again to clear the city....
Ninja Dogs 2
  • Currently 3/5
1652 plays

Ninja Dogs 2 is another sequel with 4 new scenes and 45 new levels. Big yellow cat has stolen the se...
Flip Me Out
  • Currently 3/5
2066 plays

Flip me out is a game about two famous cartoon characters: the dog named Jack and the cat called Mar...
Little Dog Adventure
  • Currently 3/5
1937 plays

This is a dog platform game. Little dog adventure is fun and exciting game where you advance through...
Astro Dog
  • Currently 3/5
1818 plays

A game about a dog who wanted to become a part of a space program. His dreams to become a space ship...
Dog Training
  • Currently 3/5
1939 plays

Dog Training will put you on a test to prove the quote that the dog is man's best friend. You are a ...
Puppy Maker
  • Currently 3/5
4391 plays

You have always wanted a puppy dog for a pet, or you already have one, no matter what the case is no...
Puppy Perfect Makeover
  • Currently 3/5
2046 plays

Here is one ball of fur waiting for you to give it a puppy perfect makeover and discover a cute litt...
Puppy Academy
  • Currently 2/5
2615 plays

You volontier at the puppy shelter and new puppies are coming in every day. Each dogie has its favor...
Happy Puppy
  • Currently 3/5
3223 plays

Make this happy puppy even happier if that is possible. This is a dress up game where you prepare th...
  • Currently 3/5
2089 plays

You are a sheep dog and you take care of your sheep. You should put all white sheep in one pan and a...
Seaside Adventure
  • Currently 3/5
2216 plays

Little dog Maxim is about to start his seaside adventure. He is driving his skate board along the be...
Poodle Hairstyles
  • Currently 3/5
2203 plays

This cute poodle needs some dressing up to do because she is going for a walk soon. There are many p...
Farm Doggie
  • Currently 2/5
2229 plays

Lead your Farm Doggie into some fun game. Steal some sheep from the farmer and put them in the bag. ...

Dog has always been a man's best friend trough history, and he most certainly is one today. Only now, we do not use them to help us hunt or do other chores for us, but we mostly keep dogs as companions and friends. Still in some parts of the world dogs are still widely used as sheep dogs, hunting dogs and watch dogs. Now, all those who see themselves as dog people are in exactly the right place. Here, we have collected some of the best dog games one can find online. Here you can have fun with all kinds of dogs in many different roles. You can play Sheepdog, and see how good you are in gathering sheeps all in one coral. Or you can play in Dog Salon and make some Cool Poodle Hairstyles. There are many things you can do and many ways to play with dogs here with us at! As you already know, dogs are great companions and friends for everyone, - See more at: