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Dog And Cat Kissing
  • Currently 3/5
2011 plays

One unusual love is happening right in front of our eyes. Although they are supposed to be the worst...
Penguin Volleyball
  • Currently 3/5
3147 plays

Let us play some other kind of volleyball. Penguin volleyball is almost the same as the regular one,...
Infinite Monkeys Bending Reali ..
  • Currently 3/5
2782 plays

Infinite Monkeys Bending is a great maze platform game with different obstacles and brain-using, pro...
Astro Dog
  • Currently 3/5
1854 plays

A game about a dog who wanted to become a part of a space program. His dreams to become a space ship...
Run Kitty Run
  • Currently 3/5
2007 plays

Kitty has awaken a sleepy dog accidentally and now he's running after her. If you want to make sure ...
Penguin Skate 2
  • Currently 3/5
3203 plays

Would you like to see cute penguin snowboard and ice skating? If you like winter sports this game is...
Epi Cat Adventure
  • Currently 3/5
2045 plays

Epi cat adventure is a cat platform game. Your mission is to help little kitty collect all fishes to...
Equilibrated Willy
  • Currently 3/5
17058 plays

It's so hard to keep the balance while it snows. Willy stands on the ice cube struggling the falling...
Cute Penguin Dressup
  • Currently 3/5
1866 plays

That penguin is so cute and adorable that you can hardly make him look any better. But you can chang...
Dog Training
  • Currently 3/5
1977 plays

Dog Training will put you on a test to prove the quote that the dog is man's best friend. You are a ...
  • Currently 3/5
1781 plays

Unable to live together Gordon, Bilk and Waffle started a war on each other in a mansion which becam...
Monkey Poop Fight
  • Currently 3/5
2778 plays

Monkey poop fight is a monkey arcade classic platform game, the legendary one you should not miss to...
Bloons Super Monkey
  • Currently 3/5
2015 plays

Yet another bloons popping frenzy coming from well-known bloons monkey series. Your task in Bloons S...
Manki Danki
  • Currently 3/5
4055 plays

Manki Danki is a monkey shooting game. There are two monkeys swinging on lianas in a jungle trying t...
Kitty Up
  • Currently 3/5
3415 plays

Collect the balloons as much as you can to fly higher. And avoid the bombs because they'll blow up y...
Fluffies POP POP POP
  • Currently 3/5
3317 plays

Fluffies POP POP POP is a balloon popping game. You're guiding a small bunny equipped with a bow and...
Crazy Monkey Payback
  • Currently 3/5
3401 plays

Throw banana peel at humans. Use space bar to stop lines and shoot banana at the intersection point....
UFO Like Cows
  • Currently 3/5
4181 plays

UFO is collecting cows from the ground. You should get all cows on the ship before take off for next...
Puppy Maker
  • Currently 3/5
4438 plays

You have always wanted a puppy dog for a pet, or you already have one, no matter what the case is no...
Puppy Perfect Makeover
  • Currently 3/5
2095 plays

Here is one ball of fur waiting for you to give it a puppy perfect makeover and discover a cute litt...