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Squirrel Nutty Treats
  • Currently 3/5
1382 plays

You are a squirrel bartender at the squirrel resort. Little squirrels come to you and order all kind...
Flight of the Hamsters
  • Currently 3/5
1830 plays

A bunch of hamsters is out enjoying a beautiful day in the country. The name of the game is extreme ...
Chubby Hamster
  • Currently 3/5
1506 plays

Chubby Hamster was bought by an evil little girl and now he has no option but to try and escape his ...
  • Currently 3/5
1612 plays

A cute little hamster is rolling in his Hamsterball all around town. Up or right arrow key is to pro...
Crazy Squirrel
  • Currently 3/5
1497 plays

You are this Crazy Squirrel with a taste for outdoors and all kinds of stunts. Go for a ride, skate ...
Monkey Go Happy - Mini Monkeys ..
  • Currently 3/5
3328 plays

Monkeys are animals we see as closest to us, so when we see an unhappy monkey we have to make monkey...
Spunky vs Aliens
  • Currently 3/5
2951 plays

A brave dog named Spunky is fighting against aliens who invaded the earth. He will do anything to pr...
Snoring 2 Winter Edition
  • Currently 4/5
1760 plays

The game Snoring has got its 2 edition and it is called Winter Edition. This time, our silly snoring...
Cat Shmat
  • Currently 3/5
1886 plays

Cat Shmat game is a physics game where your goal is to feed the cat. A golden cat cookie is suspende...
Snail Bob 2
  • Currently 3/5
1831 plays

Snail Bob got its sequel no.2. Now there are even more Bob's adventures and even more puzzles to sol...
Destructo Dog 2
  • Currently 3/5
1846 plays

Evil cats are taking over the town. Our hero Destructo Dog 2 is needed once again to clear the city....
Defend Your Nuts 2
  • Currently 3/5
1637 plays

Defense game with awesome graphics. Nickelodeon Addicting Games did a good job on this one. You are ...
Ninja Dogs 2
  • Currently 3/5
1630 plays

Ninja Dogs 2 is another sequel with 4 new scenes and 45 new levels. Big yellow cat has stolen the se...
Super Duck Punch
  • Currently 3/5
2499 plays

Super Duck Punch is an action game sponsored by Kongregate. It is's called Horse Edition, as it's al...
Flip Me Out
  • Currently 3/5
2038 plays

Flip me out is a game about two famous cartoon characters: the dog named Jack and the cat called Mar...
Castle Cat 2
  • Currently 3/5
1781 plays

Castle Cat 2 is a 2nd sequel of a famous cat platform adventure called Miami Invasion. Equipped with...
Pet Creator
  • Currently 3/5
1732 plays

Make your own cute little pets and animals simply by changing the body parts and adding different ac...
Angel Of The Battlefield 2
  • Currently 3/5
1616 plays

Those cute bunnies are real angels of the battlefield. All mission are about rescuing the little blu...
Monkey Drink
  • Currently 3/5
2912 plays

In this Monkey Drink game you are a waiter monkey and your fella monkeys came to your jungle bar for...
Little Dog Adventure
  • Currently 3/5
1917 plays

This is a dog platform game. Little dog adventure is fun and exciting game where you advance through...