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Zombies vs Penguins 2
  • Currently 3/5
2508 plays

Penguins are on a mission to destroy ancient Mayan Zombies and stop the Armageddon. You are armed wi...
Safari Zebra
  • Currently 3/5
2791 plays

In the wast planes of Africa one Zebra is going on an amazing journey. Safari Zebra will embark on a...
  • Currently 3/5
2495 plays

Cows against Bulls... can you clear the bulsseyes? You have several cows which start running at your...
Gloomy Cat
  • Currently 3/5
2483 plays

Gloomy badass Cat runs bravely into the unknown armed only with a sword. Run, jump and slash everyth...
Cheese Barn
  • Currently 3/5
2556 plays

Little gray barn mouse is hungry. Help feed him with some nice golden cheese. But there are some obs...
Where Are My Bunnies
  • Currently 3/5
2649 plays

Bunnies have escaped from the farmer and he must get them back. Bunnies are scared and alone and you...
Don't drop the puppy
  • Currently 2/5
3177 plays

This scientist is completely mad! He came up with a plan to use a whole basket of cute little puppie...
Sushi Cat 2
  • Currently 3/5
2509 plays

Sushi Cat is on a searching quest again. This time she's following a trail of her toy stolen by a ba...
Kamikaze Pigs
  • Currently 3/5
2385 plays

Pigs are at war! One fraction is fighting the other and things are heating up and starting to sizzle...
Squidy 2
  • Currently 3/5
1431 plays

Little Squid is traveling to his grandma's for his birthday. But it is very hard to travel by land w...
Animal Wars
  • Currently 3/5
1360 plays

After the human race wiped itself out of the face of the earth, animals mutated from the remaining r...
Magic Safari
  • Currently 3/5
2361 plays

Monkey is on a safari trip around jungle. Help him get to wherever he wants by completing the set of...
Cat Around Asia
  • Currently 3/5
2600 plays

After many different travels our feline friend came to Asia. Cat around Asia is a physics puzzle gam...
Horsey Racing
  • Currently 3/5
2520 plays

Saddler, Rosy and Sparky are cute ponies ready for some horsey racing. First you choose your favorit...
Dino's Dream
  • Currently 3/5
1384 plays

A long long time ago there was a little dinosaur and he lived happily with his mother. But one night...
Pet Shop
  • Currently 3/5
1600 plays

You are a girl who works in a Pet Shop. Customers will come in and your job is to come to them and s...
SheepDog's Day
  • Currently 3/5
2659 plays

Help the sheep dog heard the sheep and bring them all to the pen. Your goal is to take all of the sh...
Kitty's Wedding
  • Currently 4/5
2413 plays

Kitty is organizing a big cat wedding and now she and her groom need to be dressed for the occasion....
Magician Cat
  • Currently 3/5
1348 plays

Magician cat game is all about perception. You have 5 cats on the stage performing a magic trick. Th...
My Pet Care
  • Currently 3/5
3007 plays

Little girl is taking dogs for a Morning Walk. She starts with two dogs but takes other dogs along t...